Mindfulness During Crisis Situations

Hello frontliners,

I hope everyone is keeping with their self-care. Even in the south, light starts to go down earlier and our vitamin D absorption seem to be at risk. It is important that we continue to exercise, eat healthy, and ensure we are taking the necessary supplements.  We want to make sure we are ready for our young people on a day to day.

Speaking of getting ready for our young people, last week our team of frontliners went for training in Kuujjuaq on Trauma and Critical Group Debriefing. Critical Incident Group Debriefing is a method that involves a circle approach used after a crisis happens; for example, suicide, criminal harm and violence, or death. Usually the purpose and the elements of the circle is to ensure that the people involved get an opportunity to speak about their feelings, teach or provide awareness on the subject of the tragedy (addictions, suicide, mental health), and then offer resources so no one feels alone after the debriefing occurs.

A big teaching lesson for me was reinforcing the idea that practicing stepping back in high stressful crisis is not a bad thing.

We need to be mindful of the situation…

Mindful of the how we are intervening….

Mindful of the community or group dynamics…..

This all takes time to reflect on if we choose to take on the leadership to conduct a critical  incident group debriefing session or become part of a crisis response team. It is alright to step back and plan out the best and effective way to handle the crisis in a matter that is quality care, non-judgmental, and compassionate.

All this being said, it is easy to feel pressure from all corners to perform and to act quickly. However, remember sometimes slow is fast- if you prepare and execute a crisis management plan that helps a young person’s healing process, then your therapeutic relationship is longer lasting.

Thank you for reading.


P.S- Dedicate my post to Elizabeth Shein who provided us with an informative and engaging workshop on Trauma and Critical Incident Group Debriefing Training.


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