And She Asked, “What made you want to be a Counselor?”

Hello Frontliners,

How do people choose to be in a career? Are we driven by the financial stability? Are we driven by happiness? Are we driven by passion and purpose?

This week, I was in the middle of supporting a young girl who was getting bullied by her classmates. She was questioning her existence and whether she should be continuing her education. Her friend was watching and in the midst of silence asked, “Marleigh what made you want to be a Counselor?”


I said, “my teenage life was screwed up.” Sounds impulsive… yea I know but I do not like to sugar coat my experiences.

Her friend gave me a look- huh?

So I shared my past experiences, I shared my feelings about growing up.

At that moment, it helped me conceptualize my intentions for this field. It helped me remember what started my whole journey, and importantly it helped me go back in time to my teens.

I thanked her friend and said, “I have been feeling really disconnected to teenage life.” You’ve made me go back to those moments that guided me to where I want to be in my life.

In the spirit of thanksgiving long weekend, I’d like to dedicate this post to the young people I have met throughout my career that challenged me and helped me become more mindful on my own being.

Enjoy this weekend with friends and family everyone 🙂



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