Creative Interventions: The way to teach Social Skills to Children and Youth!

Hello frontliners,

I apologize for such a time lapse from the last blog post to now. I am back on now writing each week on my experiences as a Child and Youth Care Practitioner. As I mentioned from the beginning, I am a huge advocate in relational care- not just for our young people but amongst ourselves as frontliners.

Bold statement here: Counselling is not just talk but I think we are moving to more doing. We are doing more preventative work….what does that mean?

Preventative work means the ability to develop ways to educate young people of at risk issues that they may be exposed in their later development: addictions, bullying, unhealthy relationships, and violence. What has fascinated me through my career is the deliverables. The “how”- How do you deliver and engage young people in these topics?

Do we play games? Do we watch videos? Do we have discussions? Do we bring guest speakers?

What works?…

I am not sure- Over 5+ years of program development I am still trying to find magic formula. For example, currently running a girls basketball team up in the north that focuses on self-esteem: linking woman and sports to higher self? We will see if I start to see and hear change but I know just talking about self-esteem will not be as effective as seeing their own personal growth and their skills.

Right now though I am stuck. I have a group of young people who are gas sniffing. I have some ideas of guest speakers who were inhalant users and there has been FM talks on the subject. However, lately I am thinking “maybe I should start to develop an “unrelated group” that gears to their interests and strengths while incorporating inhalant prevention?”

Creativity for some may not be an important factor in counselling but I believe it is necessary in order to engage young people move towards some sort of healthy change.

Wondering what frontliners have been doing to facilitate preventative work with young people? What worked? What did you wish you did better for next time?

Please Share 🙂

Have a great weekend!



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