Another lesson in Emotional Intelligence: Young people and the word “Thank You”

Hello Frontliners,

Its June and that means its a month that all the young people have been waiting for: the end of another school year. Meanwhile, in my northern community, school has ended and for me it is time to think about my practice (as usual) and which pathway to take professionally.

However, before I grab the feel of summer, I would like to talk about the importance of the word Thank You (In a meaningful way).

Why is it important to discuss this with young people? I am not sure if there is literature out there but I would like to share based on my own ears and eyes.

As a frontline, I have seen entitlement amongst children. Now! there are other factors that play into how someone can develop entitlement but how do we get young people to understand that prizes or gifts are not an expectation.

When I see young people (I am talking about when they are able to talk in full sentences- as young as 4-5 years of age) take a toy or take a plate of food without a thank you to another child or to an adult, we have allowed the young person ‘to expect’ without acknowledging the exchange of kindness or the act of serving.

In the long term, our children who turn into adults will use this same attitude towards their future relationships. EXPECT! EXPECT! and EXPECT some more without giving any word or action of gratitude.

To parents (who I believe are considered frontline as well) and to educators abroad: we need to continue to preach genuine thanks and gratefulness.

And with that…Thank you all for reading 🙂



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