Project- Based Education for Children and Youth

Hello frontline workers,

It has been a long couple of months not updating my site, but I am hoping to begin to be more consistent with my posts.

In the last week in a half, I have had discussions with teachers and other educators on the importance of project-based education integrated into the school curriculum.

project-Based Education is when we take on a experiential approach to learning. We expose our students to the field, to historical sites, or allow them to talk to people of the community that demonstrate theory into practice. We see the wonderful things it can do with our students academically but I would like to talk about the benefits on this form of life experience on the student’s social and emotional learning.

When I was doing community outreach in Scarborough, I was able to take my youth to places that really encouraged them to go outside of their community and to be exposed to issues that are a concern to other urban youth. Although, they did not participate at that present moment. Weeks later and even a year later they felt enough strength and voice to fight for issues they were passionate about.

Then I have interviewed some teachers in the north.

Some say they have seen their students.
– Increase self-esteem
– Increase self-growth
– Drives students to learn and get engaged with their school community
– Challenges students mindset

Look at alternatives to engage your young people from recreational, educational, and therapeutically.
– Culture Exchanges
– Pen pals
– Guest Speakers etc…

You will see another side to their development and their personal growth. You will see a different mindset and you will show them yet another world perspective.

Take the challenge- Bring your young people outside!

Have a good weekend!


P.S- Always open to hear what kind of project-based education you did with your young people that lead to some changes in their social and emotional well being. Please Comment!


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