Tundra “Therapy”

Hello Frontliners,

For frontliners that are required to take their young people out in the community: it could be they are in the residence and you are teaching life skills; it could be recreational; or in my case it could be an awesome opportunity to get to know the young people you work with in a different light.

Different light?

For some of us (including myself), sometimes we might feel trapped in serving our young people in the confining 4 walls. I work in the school system, lets admit it is a different dynamic.

There is structure, there are boundaries, there is authority, and there are expectations that the young person might feel they do not want to meet. As frontliners, we see these challenges, but we rarely see their passions.

I called this blog title “Tundra Therapy.” This past week, I was fortunate to go with a group of young people outside the school walls and into the tundra where some of them would experience fishing or camping for the first time. Some would experience this a third or fourth time, and some never get the opportunity to go on the land due to financial barriers.

After a long week, I reflected on the successes of this trip. It is not the attention to fix behaviour or fix their attitude as many of them were referred to me for that reason. In my opinion, sometimes it was to provide them with a positive experience. I saw many children smile for the first time because they caught their first fish. I saw many children exploring a sport that they wanted to try for the first time. The same children and youth that have trouble taking risks in their own studies and their own learning journey amongst the 4 walls. Potentially because there is a fear of being judged or failing by external or internal forces.

I am hoping this positive experience in the tundra is the ‘bubbles’ of a potential mindset shift (maybe the boiling point). The opportunity to be free to explore and try new things inside and outside the classroom setting.

So I say if you have the opportunity to go out with your young people; even if it is in the community or in the tundra like I did, it is a great time to foster and encourage their self-growth.You will not regret it.

Thanks for reading 🙂



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