When frontliners are not communicating the same language?

Hello Frontliners,

This week was a brutal for me. It was emotional for me and the young person.

Part of the problem is when frontliners do not see eye to eye when it comes to treatment. What are we hear for? seriously, what is the point of working on the frontline when you complain or not respond to certain situations that is deemed dangerous for the young person?

Relational care for the young person- another definition is when all their support network is around them and talking the same language. There is so discrimination amongst workers. One worker should not be more caring then the other- it does not make sense.

One thing I am trying not to do is to BLAME.  Blaming does not help the young person get help and blaming does not help fellow professionals (including myself) to improve practice. 

What should we do?

Firstly, I am trying to work on trying to communicate my frustration with another frontline when I do not agree with their current practice.

But how? What would you say?

Help me please! Comments needed…

Have a great weekend,



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