A Frontliner’s Obligation during Political Turmoil.

Hello passionate workers,

Here we are.

Here we are in the midst of political turmoil on subjects surrounding race, immigration, and terrorism.

Some people stand back during these times: ” I am not a politician, I am Canadian, I am white,” so I have nothing to worry about. I do not need to deal with this matter. Besides considering to help your fellow woman/man, if your job does not involve people then sure you have the option to push back.

For those on the frontline- our obligation during political unrest is heightened.

In many cases, we might be working with peoples that are racialized, marginalized, and have been treated like crap. We need to continue to support and advocate for these people. We need to continue to promote anti-oppressive discussions and begin to fight against systematic barriers for those individual voices that are not heard.

Sometimes, I feel I do not enough to advocate, I do not really attend protests, nor I do not write too much editorials- I am hard on myself as a worker.

However, one of my good friends reminded me…

” Marleigh, your work alone promotes advocacy, youth voice, and education that promotes social justice…” 

“You have always encouraged diversity, equability, and inclusivity” 

We are always working towards ensuring our children, youth, and families have the best quality of care. Albeit, if it is not your organization that promotes an anti-oppressive framework, just ensure you continue to work with people with dignity, fairness, and a non-judgmental mindset.

Thanks for reading 🙂




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