As Front liners, lets practice opening our ears and eyes to other social injustices.

Hello Front liners,

We are approaching the winter holidays and as some of you are working in community settings, we know some of the social injustices that might exist with our young people and their families. It might be poverty, acts of discrimination and racism, or unemployment.

In a nutshell..mistreatment.

I often wonder if we are too closed into our own front line duties that we are not aware of the social issues in other parts of Canada and worldwide. In a way, once we work for an organization, school, mental health, or community setting, should we stop to look up and hear about what other social injustices are happening outside our work environment?

In recent news, I saw the lack of resources that still remains an issue for the First Nations community in Northern Ontario. It enraged and frustrated me.


Why am I working in an environment that provides a decent amount of services in the same type of remote community setting. What is it about Quebec that should be different than Ontario?

NOTHING! There should not be that much discrepancies.

So, of course..I hate ranting without any form of action.

I decided to take methods to my own hands and arrange calls with people who are working on the case.

I think with any reactions it really starts with “WHY?”

Then Problem Solve…

Then Knowledge Share…

Then Act…

Sound familiar? Yea, that is because it is no different then our day to day work: question, problem solve, and in many cases advocate for the young person and their family.

Offline or Online- it is part of our front line identity.

Thanks for reading 🙂




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