When to step back as frontline workers? “The at-risk student”

Hello readers,

I hope everyone is having  restful weekend!

The last couple of weeks, I have been really feeling drained. It is the feeling where you think you are doing so much but it seems like you are not doing anything at all….do you get me?

As we all know our students face a lot of baggage when they come to class, you might receive a student with the following:

  1. “I did not eat this morning because there is no food in the house”
  2. “I heard my family yell all night, so I wad not able to sleep”
  3. “I do not want to go to school because I am getting bullied”
  4. “I do not have clean clothes to put on”
  5. “I feel dumb that I do not understand, what is the point of school?”

There is so many factors to consider when they come into our school community. However, with all these risk factors that they might be facing, it is normal to feel that we put all of our efforts on these students.

Is this the right approach? Do any of you feel that you are fighting an uphill battle with no to little response?

Please dedicated front line workers, I am not saying to give up but all I am asking is what about the students who are not speaking? how about the students that have the good grades and are participating in all the school activities? These students should have the opportunity to be reached as well!

I am still struggling with my question but maybe what we might need to try is reaching everyone through creating some after school programs or coming into the classroom and taking an interest in what all students are learning.

Sometimes we are in a position where we feel like we are the only person who is taking on 99 problems. However, I believe that we need to evaluate whether; 1) the student wants help and 2) is the family on board ?

And if not..maybe we need to step a little back and not force help?

And maybe sometimes…a young person will approach one day because they know you will care and support them anytime.

Thanks for reading,



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