Believe me I understand…but still I am preaching Inclusive

Hello readers,

Sorry for the delayed post; this entry will be covering this week and last week.

When I preach inclusivity, I am not being unrealistic. Yes! I have been in the classroom. Yes! I know about classroom management and YES YES YES! I have taught in the classroom as well…

It is so important to understand the needs of your students. It is the explanation to a child’s function of behaviour.

“Why does a child run around” 

“Why does your student avoid homework?”

“Why does your student all of a sudden becomes the bully?”

“Why does your student not participate during class time?”

I get…you are not a therapist. However, in a western society where 1 in 5 students experience mental health, I believe one of your job responsibilities is to understand. So, lets stop talking and think about some reflective questions we can ask our students.

A few tips/ statements:

  1. You sound like your frustrated, it is okay to take some space…
  2. You know I notice you have been really quiet these last couple of weeks, what is going on?
  3. It makes me upset that you have been making these choices, what is going on?
  4. In general, label emotions, validate their emotions, but also find alternative ways to cope their emotions in a healthy way.

Just remember when you send a student out of your classroom, you are actually telling the young person indirectly that you cannot deal with their behaviour, so I cannot deal with you…bye bye…

If we understand the needs of our students, we are able to eliminate some of the problem behaviours that exist within the classroom. In addition, encouraging a community classroom where students enter and feel they are safe enough to make mistakes and grow at the same time.

I hope this helps.

Thank you for reading,




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