All I am saying…Include your Front Liners in the decision- making

Hello my dear front liners,

All I am saying…

If you want conversation and good discussion about what is happening on the ground you ask the woman and men who experience all types of situations all day everyday.

This week, I was really happy to see some people from head office that wanted to chat and ask questions about the mission and vision statement. How are we going to get there? What is happening right now? What is working? not working?

You are listening, you somewhat care, and you are ready to take in the pretty and the ugly. You good sir or madame or organization is ready to begin the change process….

Whatever the final decision of the matter is, consideration of one’s opinion is very important!


Two Reasons:

  1. For organizations that strive to serve the best interest for the child and youth, giving voice shows that you are serving the best interest of your employees

As a domino effect…

2. You are not oppressing: the same sort of talk that is expressed in many organizations that ensures we do not oppress our young people. The same sort of oppression that many of our institutions do already!

So thank you…

Thank you to the big men and women up at the top for coming to the bottom of the totem pole to check-in with us.

We feel included and valued….

Thanks for reading 🙂

Have a great long weekend all!

Rest and ensure you take this time for self-care, enjoy the moments with your friends and family.


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