Maybe a child cannot separate their School and Home Life?

Hello readers,

How do young people learn about values, rules, responsibilities, and whats appropriate versus whats not appropriate? Better question…who is responsible in teaching these valuable life lessons?

School or Home? 

Its been a debate in child development for quite some time but one thing is for sure! A young person’s environment needs to be consistent.

Situation this week: Child is 9 years old and begins to take his boot and pretends to shot his fellow peers. Through much interaction, he also begins to take objects in the classroom and starts acting like he is shooting a rifle.

The child has a history of aggressive behaviour as he uses his feet and hands to handle his conflict.

At the end of the week, he gets caught for punching his peer in the back because he thinks she is cheating in a game at gym class. Me and my co-worker are doing some counselling surrounding bullying and anger.

Me: Gosh….I do not think he is getting it…he laughs and pretends its a normal reaction….

He begins to get distracted…

“You know what games I play?”

Co worker: “What?”

Boy: ” CALL OF DUTY/ ASSASSINS CREEK/ GTA 5″ (Please Google these games and you will see what I am talking about)

Me: WOW…list goes!!! he is young to be playing those game”

It makes so much sense. He transfers his home life and brings it to school. Monkey see, monkey do….It is a domino effect.

So now, what needs to happen? I am wondering, do we ask the parents to take away these violent games from the household? What should the conversation look like?

If we do not- its constant re-learning of certain behaviour(s) each day that are not reinforced in the home environment.



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